Analytical Services

LTS recognizes the importance of Analytical Services which aid in quality control and development for the majority of specimens supplied by our factories. We are currently expanding our staff in order to serve outside needs for analytical testing in the greater New York area. Our in-house characterization capabilities in Orangeburg, NY allow for range of testing and material services, including:

  • Phase Composition
    powder and single-crystal XRD - phase identification, particle size, strain, and preferred orientation; layer thickness, density, roughness of films.
  • Trace Composition
    ICP-MS and GDMS - which are used to identify minority components at the ppm level.
  • Physical Features
    polarized optical light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) with EDS, Particle size distribution (PSD).
  • Water Analysis
    GCMS & GC identify organic compounds, pesticides, PCB

Through a partnership with academic and research labs in the Tri-State area (NY-NJ-CT), LTS is pleased to offer extended material characterization, including TEM, SQUID magnetization, LECO, DTC/TGA, Raman scattering, IR-reflectivity, thermal conductivity, and many other analytical services.

We also offer:

  • Non-standard Lab analysis (synchrotron based x-ray diffraction, pair distribution function analysis (EXAFS or x-ray diffraction PDF), soft x-ray absorption, and XPS)
  • Detailed results interpretation, using own raw data or raw data collected by other labs
  • Analytical method development/validation services
  • Consulting / expert testimony.

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