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  • 1989: The commodities trading company Littel Systems, Inc. (LTS) is born.
  • 1992: LTS has become increasingly specialized in the production of performance chemicals, solvents, and resins and forms a branch LTS Chemical Inc.
  • 1992: LTS acquires a manufacturing plant from Academy of Sciences named New Material and Technology.
  • 1992: Developed the DFM process for high-purity fluoride production.
  • 1997: Formed Advanced Analytical Technologies (AAT) to improve its analysis capabilities
  • 1997: LTS opens a research and development division headed by Q. Ahsan Ph.D, joined soon afterwards by Dr. Wang Xing, Dr. X. Chu, Dr. Eugene Galkevych, and Dr. Alex Ignatov.
  • 1998: Developed the LFP process for ultra high purity hafnia (HfO2) with very low zirconia (ZrO2) and tantala (Ta2O5) with low iron (Fe).
  • 2003: Installed first large hot press machine of 8 inch diameter.
  • 2005: Installed 14" diameter hot press with a vacuum induction furnace and 500 liter and 1800 °C + 250 tonne capacity.
  • 2010: Installed 18½" diameter multistack hot press with up to 900 tonnes of pressure and 2100 °C temperature.
  • 2012-2013: Developed new chalcogenide glasses and perovskites - PZT, PLZT, PMNPT.