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In addition to our standard catalog of high quality materials, LTS has been designing, synthesizing, and manufacturing custom material formulations since 1999. Our innovative production methods, coupled with our integrated manufacturing and finishing facilities, allow us to control product parameters to a high degree of precision.

We produce our materials in a variety of forms - including pieces/granules, powder, sputter targets, and custom designs - to fit your deposition parameters. The purity of our compounds is carefully controlled and many are available in 99.999% or higher.

To handle the difficulties faced in synthesizing unstable chemical formulations, LTS's factories are equipped for numerous processing methods. Common materials are produced via Hot Press. Higher densities can be achieved through various Vacuum Melting techniques. For materials that generate a natural undesired polarization, the material is melted then powdered to homogenize it and pressed into final shape. We can vary production protocols to meet any challenge.

For custom designed targets and other pieces, we have a machine shop with precision tools to cut holes and edges. We also supply Backing Plates for our targets per specification. Backing plates provide stability and extend the lifetime of a sputtering target. To secure the target to the backing plate, we bond them together with appropriate agents.

Over the years, LTS has collaborated with several companies to research and develop new products that have since proven to directly compete with existing materials, or have entirely replaced them as industry standards.

LTS also works with clients to:

  • Synthesize materials in non-traditional sizes, formulations, and purity profiles to your exact specifications
  • Develop products and solutions where established ones are not capable of fulfilling your needs

Whether you need minor variations from a standard formulation, or a completely custom chemical system: LTS is your source.