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LTS manufactures ultra-high purity compounds for opto-electronic applications. LTS offers a wide variety of optical coating materials suitable for vacuum deposition processes. Specializing in sputtering targets, coarse and fine powders, granules, pellets, and cone and crucible inserts, LTS can produce materials in almost all inorganic compositions and a range of purities.

Cr targets, Cr2O3 powder, Cu pellets, SiO2 insert

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Check out some of our highlighted material selections:

Piezoelectric perovskites for MEMS and memory applications

The PZT (Lead Zirconium Titanate) and niobium-doped PZT perovskites have valuable ferroelectric and piezoelectric properties which make them highly suited to building microelectromechanical systems and computer memory.

Thin film photovoltaic materials

With the rise of renewable energy technologies, LTS is on the cutting edge of thin film photovoltaics, providing materials that are thinner and harness more power than traditional silicon systems.

Transparent conductive oxides

Many modern technologies depend on TCOs like Indium tin oxide (ITO) to function. Touch screens and thin film photovoltaics use these materials to transmit both electricity and visible light. LTS produces ITO as well as cheaper alternatives.

A range of semiconductors

Semiconductors make computing possible and other technologies possible. Semiconductors are materials with a small gap between being electrical insulators and conductors which can modified easily.

Fluoride compounds produced by DFM for optics applications

Our Direct Fluorination Method produces novel fluorides for military applications. A true Thorium Fluoride replacement - YBC formulations are perfect for military-grade IR optics and high-power CO2 lasers.

Ultra high purity hafnium metal and compounds

LTS manufactures ultra-high purity hafnium metal and their oxides for UV and DUV applications.

Thermal spray powders

We offer a line of coating materials for turbines and other equipment as a diffusion barrier, corrosion resistance, and a number of other performance enhancements. Thermal spray grade powders are used for high velocity powder coating.

Battery Chemicals

Lithium Ion Batteries made from lithium oxide and transition metal oxides offer good electrical energy storage for portable devices, electric cars, and powertools.

Precious metals

We also produce an array of precious metal alloys containing platinum, silver, ruthenium, gold, palladium, etc., prized in industry as coatings for their high chemical resistance, electrical conductivity, and catalytic potential.