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LTS Research Labs is a specialist in the manufacture of semiconductor grade chemicals for flat panel displays and MEMS applications. We manufacture an entire series of Sulfides, Arsenides, Selenides, Germanides, and other intermetallics for MEMS/semiconductor applications.

LTS has production facilities for the purification of semiconductor materials. Our 3-500 L vacuum induction furnaces enable us to produce compounds in the form of evaporation pieces and sputtering targets for thermal spray applications.

  • Selenides
    • Antimony Selenide
    • Arsenic Selenide
    • Bismuth Selenide
    • Copper Gallium Selenide
    • Copper Germanium Selenide
    • Copper Indium Selenide
    • Semiconductor
    • Gallium Selenide
    • Germanium Selenide
    • Indium Selenide
    • Lead Selenide
    • Tin Selenide
  • Sulfides
    • Antimony Sulfide
    • Arsenic Sulfide
    • Bismuth Sulfide
    • Chromium Sulfide
    • Copper Antimony Sulfide
    • Copper Germanium Sulfide
    • Copper Sulfide
    • Copper Zinc Tin Sulfide
    • Gallium Sulfide
    • Germanium Sulfide
    • Lead Sulfide
    • Samarium Europium Sulfide
    • Tin Sulfide
    • Tin Sulfide Zinc Sulfide
  • Arsenides
    • Gallium Arsenide
    • Gallium Arsenide Titanium
    • Indium Arsenide
    • Tin Arsenide
    • Zinc Arsenide