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Research & Development

The Research and Development (R&D) facility at LTS stands as an advanced analytical and development laboratory. Our facility is dedicated to a wide-ranging multidisciplinary program that emphasizes the creation and application of novel materials, along with the enhancement of production techniques for existing materials. We are proud to share our glimpses of milestones achieved which will provide you with an idea of our various research and development activities. Read more!

Leveraging our extensive manufacturing network and global partnerships, we possess the capabilities to melt, synthesize, purify, machine, bond, and deposit a diverse range of materials. Our custom manufacturing capabilities, supported by advanced material characterization, are aimed at delivering specialized items that not only meet but exceed our customer's requirements.


  • 1992: LTS research Laboratories, Inc. acquires a manufacturing plant from the Academy of Sciences named New Material and Technology and begins research and development of new materials for the opto-electronics materials industry. LTS increases specialization in the production of performance chemicals, solvents, and resins.
  • 1997: Developed the DFM® (Direct Fluorination Method) to produce highly pure fluoride compounds that undergo cleaner deposition for optical coatings. The newly developed DFM process allows for large-scale production of MIL-Spec. compliant fluorides.
  • 1997: LTS formalizes its Advanced Analytical Technologies (AAT) branch to improve its analysis capabilities.
  • 1997: LTS opens another research and development division with the participation of Dr. Q, Ahsan, Dr. W. Xing, Dr. X. Chu, Dr. E. Galkevych, and Dr. A. lgnatov.
  • 1998: LTS begins full scale development and use of the LFP process to produce ultra-high purity hafnium oxide (HfO2) with very low zirconum oxide (ZrO), tantalum oxide (Ta205), and low iron (Fe).
  • 2003: Installation of LTS's first 8-inch diameter hot press machine.
  • 2003: Creation of YBC Fluorides, several specialized fluoride compounds made with DFM using rare earth fluorides doped with hafnium, named YBC 375, 905, and 907. These can substitute for and even surpass radioactive Thorium Fluoride (ThF4) which can be used for high power CO2 lasers.
  • 2005: Large sized target production capabilities advance with the installation of a 14-inch diameter hot press and vacuum induction furnace with 500 liter, 1800 °C, and 250-ton capacity.
  • 2006: Several new Transparent Conductive Oxides (TCOs) to the solar and photovoltaic industries. Materials such as Indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO), Gallium zinc oxide (GZO), and Zinc tin oxide (ZTO) are deposited in layers as components for the newest generation thin film displays.
  • 2008: LTS installs a dual chamber vacuum hot press to manufacture up to 495 mm diameter sputtering targets.
  • 2008: A modified form of Inconel (Ni/Cr/Fe) used in extreme conditions for aerospace and automotive applications.
  • 2010: LTS brings its 18½ inch diameter multistack hot press online, with production capabilities of up to 900 tons of pressure and max operating temperature 2100 °C.
  • 2012: LTS introduces new chalcogenide glasses and new Piezoelectric Perovskite materials such as PNZT, PLZT, and PMN-PT for ferroelectric film and MEMS. more info
  • 2013: Materials for absorbing Thermal Shock in rockets comprised of Hafnium yttrium oxide and Hafnium cerium oxide.
  • 2014: Chalcogenide Glasses - Semiconducting covalent network solids with interesting properties suitable for optical and memory applications.
  • 2017: LTS introduces and excels in the production of trending battery chemicals, high purity iodides and specialty sub­oxides.

LTS’s is dedicated to meeting our customer’s needs by delivering high-quality materials at exceptionally competitive prices, all tailored to specific requirements.

Where quality is concerned, LTS is at the cutting edge of the industry.


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Our commitment to innovation is key to achieving long-term success in collaboration with customers across a wide range of industries, academic research universities & institutions, national laboratories, corporate end-users. We provided remarkable solutions for such diverse customer projects, facilitating the publication of their groundbreaking achievements in scientific research journals. Read more!

Thank you all. We eagerly anticipate collaborating on your upcoming project to work together to support and elevate our business initiatives.

Production of nuclear grade zirconium A review (Click to view)
Production of nuclear grade zirconium (Zr), Review, Nuclear Reactors, seperation process of Hafnium (Hf) & Zirconium (Zr), Production process, Hydrometallurgical & Pyrometallurgical routes, Separtion, Extraction, Crystallinzation, Newnham, Kroll, advantage & disadvantages of methods

ELASTIC PROPERTIES OF MONOCLINIC HAFNIUM OXIDE (HfO2), Preparation and Characterization, Deposition techniques, LIDT criteria, Parameters of sintering, Thermal expansion, Microcraking, Elastic moduli and internal friction, Porosity, Grain size, Annealing temperatures, Shear and Young's modulus,

Hafnium and Hafnium Insert deposition process (Click to view)
Reactive Deposition Method of Hafnium Oxide (HfO2) for high LIDT, Hafnium (Hf), Hafnia (Hf), High thermal conductivity, Evaporation, Electron-beam deposition (e-beam), high damage threshold multilayer coatings, Near-Infra-Red (NIR) optical coatings, Starter material, Improved interface, laser conditioning

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LTS Research Laboratories, Inc. specialized globally in custom synthesis of challenging compositions, especially sputtering targets, battery materials, perovskites, halides, and semiconductors. Our R&D team initiate by having an extensive scientific discussion with our customers to comprehend & emphasis on satisfying their product requirements (chemical & physical, optical, or mechanical properties) via synthesizing and optimizing various parameters but not limited as follows, Read more!

  • Synthesis (chemical composition, level of dopants in atomic or weight percent, powder homogenization, gases flow, etc.)
  • Processing (annealing conditions, texturing, grinding, or machining).
  • Providing detailed characterization (please refer to Analytical Services) and promptly sharing the results (structural, particle size distribution, optical, and morphological data) with our clients.
  • Soliciting feedback on the deposited material properties (Sputtering targets, & E-beam Starter Sources such as inserts, pellets, granules for thin film depositions)
  • Adjusting our synthesis and processing protocols to meet the requirements.


Our research division mainly focuses on custom formulations, small-scale production, and rigorous quality control, LTS has established the R&D Laboratory in Belmont, NC. Our lab is furnished with cutting-edge equipment, including the

  • X-ray Diffractometer (XRD),
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM),
  • Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS),
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectroscopy (ICP-MS),
  • X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy (XRF),
  • Particle Size Distribution Analyzer (PSD),
  • Glow Discharge Mass Spectroscopy (GDMS),
  • Polarized optical microscope,
  • Atomic absorption spectrometer,
  • Multiple furnaces,
  • Ball mill, Sieve and Press machines,
  • Glove box,
  • Comprehensive wet chemistry lab capabilities.


LTS has been a spearhead in providing any custom-made material composition of your choice starting from specialty Fluorides, Ceramics, Hafnium products, Metal halides, Chlorides, Carbides, Nitrides, Borides, Silicide, Perovskites, Precious Metals & Alloys, Scandium, Chalcogenide glasses, Semiconductor-Grade materials, Starter Sources, Battery Materials, Single Crystal & Substrates, Nanoparticles, Organometallics, and 3D Printing materials in various forms (Powder, Granules, Pellets, Sputtering targets, Starter sources, Inserts, Ingot, Rods, Foils, and in Custom forms) for various applications in industries & academic sector.

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